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This website has been created as a base for the Facebook Group called "Underwater Macro Photographers"

The purpose of this website is to support some important activities of the group and to summarise what is happening on the group. As some of you may already know, every time a member posts a photo or message on the group then this new post will push down the old post. So if any member is busy for days or weeks then they will lose track with the group. This website will help to keep all members up to date with some highlighted activities and others details that members may need to know.

Also, every two months we have our group newsletter called "eNews" which is available for members to download.


Underwater Macro Photographers Facebook Group

The purpose of the group is to show macro photographs and help each other to learn different techniques and get inspiration from seeing and commenting on each other’s photos. By asking questions we can learn new techniques and improve the quality of our photos.

Underwater macro photography is close-up photography of small marine life using macro lenses, tele-converters, diopters or wet-diopters etc. Normally photographs of subjects like nudibranchs, eels, crabs, shrimps, small fish, seahorses, coral, anemones etc are taken close up and show fine details. 

All photos posted on the group must have the following details for each photo: camera model, strobes, f-stop, shutter speed and ISO, name of subject and place taken. From these basic details, members can learn and improve their skill, checkout each other’s camera equipment and also help each other to find the best holiday destination or place to go for macro photography.

We only allow underwater macro photos. NO land photos or aquariums! Also we try to encourage members to practice their underwater photography skill and not always rely on post-production with Photoshop/Lightroom apart from colour correction, brightness, contrast or to remove backscatter only.

Our Facebook group and website are not a showcase for photos like Flickr!


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