Macro Diving Trip at Blairgowrie Pier

 Blairgowrie Pier is the shore diving jewel in the crown along the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia). The pier is a site for all sorts of little critters; such as blue ringed octopuses, seahorses, sea moths, dragonets, tasselled anglerfish and nudibranchs galore! What better place for an UWMP group meet?

Ken and I stayed in Blairgowrie and dived the pier on the weekend of 4-5/2/12. Members of UWMP group were kind enough to join us for the dives and a social BBQ prior to a night dive on the Saturday night. Unfortunately, a storm blew up on Sunday afternoon and stopped all further diving. However, any time under Blairgowrie pier offers quality photo opportunities. We showcase UWMP group members’ photographs from this weekend.

Logistics: Blairgowrie Pier is an L-shaped (to the right) wharf with depths of 3-7m, depending on the tide. Water temperature varies from 21-22 °C in summer to 10-11 °C, in winter (drysuit territory!). A 50 or 60mm macro lens (or thereabouts) is ideal for this dive site. Blairgowrie is a 100km drive from Melbourne CBD, approximately a 90 minute trip. There are 2 dive shops close by in Rye. Park by or above the marina and gear up. Walk halfway down to the marina, along to the wharf to the landing for boats and jump off here to start the dive. Follow the legs of the pier straight down and to the right to explore. 

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