Critters in Moalboal, Philippines

 Everybody knows the sardines from Pescador Island. Little known are the fantastic critters of the region around Moalboal.

A very convenient flight with the top service of Singapore Airlines brought us from Switzerland via Singapore direct to Cebu, avoiding the hassle of Manila's Airport. Only a short car ride and we arrived at Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort, a small, very friendly resort which is in a distinctive class of its own. A special service is dedicated to underwater photographers, carefully secured by the Swedish owner, Michael Pettersson.

Arriving at daytime I was heading for the first dives. "Eagle Eye" Tata, I've known his skills from the 2010 visit, accompanied me for this and all the other dives. First we discovered the famous Kasai Wall. No long dive, we already faced the first subject, a leaf fish presenting itself on a small table coral. As you know the result from the previous issue of this eNews, we dive a bit forward to get other subjects.

The Kasai Wall is one of the most exciting places for a night dive. Get your gear on and follow me to this wonderful trip. Stepping down the jetty, diving some meters and you find yourself in-mandarins paradises. Mandarins area dive of its own but we like to dive a bit further where, beside some other critters, we were supposed to see seahorses!

Shooting seahorses is always a tricky story, when they turn away their faces and make you rethink your position. But hey! What was this? A spot is moving?

Let's have a closer look a Blue-ringed Octopus! A shooting for over an half an hour followed. Yes, the Kasai Village House Reef is always good for surprises. Returning to the jetty, we were observed by millions of eyes... shrimp eyes!

The Kasai Village is located at the Panagsama beach. There you find one dive spot connected to the other. No long boat drives are needed. Nevertheless Kasai Village built a new dive boat we all can dream of! It will go to water by end of April 2012.

Pygmy seahorses like H. denise are well known in Moalboal so as the Candy crab, also known as Dendronephtya crab you can find perfectly camouflaged in the corresponding soft coral. Moalboal is full of the craziest crabs and shrimps like Spider and Xeno crabs, Squat lobsters, Zanzibar shrimps as well as Bubble coral shrimps or the Mantis shrimp. You can watch and photograph all the different kind of Ghost and- other pipefishes, the Pegasus seamoth, Tiger anemones or various Frogfishes. This only to name a few of the local underwater heros.

Kasai Village can be booked directly or through Sea Explorers. It's part of the "Island Hopping" offer they arrange carefully and with respect to individual needs. The Kasai Village is the place of paradise to be for underwater photographers. And they even improve their service in the next few weeks:

Kasai Village Management is building a camera room which will be ready to use in mid April. The camera room will have 18 nice stations for the guest cameras, where each stations has electrical converters 110V/220V for recharging the strobes and good table lights. A few tables are even equipped with magnify strobe-lights. Just outside the camera room they have built a new big 'bath tube' to rinse cameras and a table set-up with air-gun to dry up after rinse, ready in early April.

I have visited many great places around the world and it's not a coincidence, that the first destination I've chosen to present you represents a very special dive region and the according top resort which deserves a full excellent ranking.

Resort Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Operator Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Guide Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Macro Diving Activity Rating: 5 (Excellent) Marine Life Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Best visibility: April - July

Overall Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Resort Name:

Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort Dive Operator Name: Sea Explorers

Contact Details:


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