Critters Power in Ambon, Indonesia

A journey to discover the muck dive sites and reefs of Maluku  that are some of the richest in the world for the biodiversity and  the Macro life. A destination dedicated to the amazing critter creatures of Ambon resident marine life. 

How to get there: 

Four different airlines (Lion Air, Garuda, Batavia and Sriwijaya)  operate daily flights to Ambon, with regular schedules through Makassar from Bali, Jakarta, Sorong and Manado. 

Macro Marine Life Highlights: 

Ghost pipefish, Bumble Bee shrimps, Leaf Scorpionfish,  Zebra crabs, Emperor shrimps, Coleman shrimps, Hinge-back shrimps, Cleaner shrimps  and  Anemone  shrimps,  Lacy  Rhinopias, Giant frogfish, Juvenile Clown frogfish, Ambon Scorpionfish, Mimic Octopus, Ribbon eels, Napoleon 

Snake eels, Mandarin fish, Banded pipefish, Moray eel, Coral Cat Sharks, Thorny seahorse, Pygmy seahorse, baby cuttlefish, a giant Mantis Shrimp etc

What I like about this trip:

It was a great dive experiences, a resort dedicated to all underwater photographers, beautiful and useful camera room and  individual editing tables in every bedroom. I loved the abundance of subjects for Underwater Photography, the “Twilight Zone” is an incredible dive site with an amazing critters variety and biodiversity. 

What I did not like about this trip:

Too much waste in some dive sites. 


Resort Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Operator Rating: 4 (Good)

Dive Guide Rating:  4 (Good)

Macro Diving Activity Rating: 4 (Good)

Marine Life Rating:  4 (Good)

Visibility:  8-12 Metres

Overall Rating:  4 (Good)


Resort Name: Maluku Divers Resort

Dive Operator Name: Maluku Divers

Contact Details: Marcel Hagendijk

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