Critters Heven In Lembeh, Indonesia

Lembeh has always been a macro heaven. From my first visit 15 years ago when there was only three dive resorts to nowadays about 12 dive resorts. But still it has many wonders to offer for those of you who love macro. I could not miss a dive in the two weeks I stayed at Lembeh I dived 3 times a day, everyday as I could not miss out on the wonders that one could see. 

The diving was organised you would turn up for your briefing get on the boats and all your gear would be waiting for you. The journeys are not really far the longest around 25 minuets the quickest 2 minutes.  The diving is normally done on black sand so it is just black sand. Those of you who have not done muck diving before must be aware that most of your dive is made on black sand, but once you start to see all the wonders that are on the sand your mind will change. Muck diving is not for everyone as a friend of mine did not really like it so much. 

You can also make some dives on coral/rubble sites, which are also very pretty so for those of you who want a break from black sand there are some good alter-natives. Back to the diving all that muck does pay off you have the chance to see Hairy shrimp, Mimic octopus, Wonderpus, Lem-beh sea dragon,    Loads of frogfish. My dive guides  have got great eyes they know where to look they try to find you what's on your wish list sometimes they  try  a  bit  too much as they try to turn over rocks and rubble. So please be aware that some of your requests can also damage the marine life.  All in all Lembeh still rocks after so many years it still has lots to offer I will for sure go back.

How to get there: 

I flew from Singapore with Silkair to Manado, from Manado it takes a few hours to Lembeh.

Macro Marine Life Highlights: 

I think my highlights were, Hairy Octopus,  Lembeh Sea dragon,  Many Flamboyant cuttlefish, and also pygmy squid and lots more.

What I liked about this trip:

Nice to see old friends and also making new ones.

What I did not like about this trip:

Not really any bad things.

Resort Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Operator Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Guide Rating:  5 (Excellent)

Macro Diving Activity Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Marine Life Rating:  5 (Excellent)

Visibility:  8-12 Metres

Overall Rating:  5 (Excellent)


Resort Name:  Kungkungan Bay Resort

Dive Operator Name:  Kungkungan Bay Resort

Contact Details:  Linda

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