The Wild, Weird and Wonderful Blue Heron Bridge

The Blue Heron Bridge is the mecca of Muck on this side of the world and an uw macro wild zone.  Located in the Intra Coastal waterway & accessed thru Phil Foster Park, in Riviera Beach, Florida. The  Gulfstream current  invites the unusual creatures found here.  This unique diving area may not have a pretty face, but the treasures that abound seem to be never ending. You never know what you are going to find. 

I dove for years before I saw half the creatures I’ve found at the BHB. You can easily get up to two hours on 1 tank, as the depth is only 3 meters. This really allows the uw photographer to cozy up with a subject to simply wait for your moment. 

The beauty of the Bridge: shallow dives=more time to observe an animal’s behavior. This lets you fine tune your “marine manners.” By this, I mean allow yourself to become sympatico with your subject. Every animal has its “safe-distance-to humans” space.  Don’t invade their space… blend into their space. Many animals “yawn” when you invade their zone. Call it the silent scream. It means-back off. If you don’t pose a threat, you can join their safe zone for super close ups!

Simple rules here, we dive 1 hour before high tide (slack tide) & bring a flag. Diving is permitted from sunrise to sunset outside of the swim zone and no divers in the channel.  Night dives are at new & full moon cycles, by permit - which our local dive shops handle. Night dives are stellar!!! Strange creatures emerge.

There are several “sides” to this dive site. It is best to select one section per dive. The trick is that when the tide changes and you see that tanic water coming toward you, it is time to head back towards the beach as the current can pick up quickly and become a challenge even to the experienced diver.  The island protects you from the surge. Oh, and if you get lost- we say- “just stand up and look at where you are at.”

East Side: is called the “low bridge.”  You can dive on the south side, go thru to the north, or explore the central “pond” area on either side of the bridge. There are also several wrecks. Directly “Under the bridge” is Critter capital and night dives are amazing there. Use a red filter to lure Bobbitt worms. Decorator crabs hang out like little punk rockers all trying to show off their wildest doo. Our treasures are our seahorses, Southern Stargazers, Striated frogfish, and over 100 nudibranchs. In the summer we’ve had giddy amounts of schooling Jacks. 

Central: The new Phil Foster Snorkel Trail, has quickly become home to many new marine residents, including manatees, spotted eagle rays.  The sea grass has nudibranchs, sea slugs, or perhaps a Ragged Sea Hare couple waddling along. Located south of the beach & swim zone. Proud to say I was a part of this committee that brought it about. My book, “Under the Bridge” was used as “proof of life.” 

West (the big bridge/fishing bridge):  Dive along the pilings, and the inside corridor of the fishing bridge, or you can cross through to the north side. The Intra Coastal Channel - that is the end of the line for divers, but there is a cool swim through that is a brilliant red sponge backdrop, with Beau Gregories and trumpet fish.  Bring your eagle eyes, magnifying glass & super macro diopters as you become your own guide.

Accommodation :  

Admirals Club

Dive Operator Name:

Force E Dive Center Riviera Beach


Never stay with any accommodation and do not need dive guide

Resort Rating: -

Dive Operator Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Dive Guide Rating:  -

Macro Diving Activity Rating: 5 (Excellent)

Marine Life Rating:  5 (Excellent)

Visibility:  8-12 Metres

Overall Rating:  5 (Excellent)


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