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Shooting Nudibranch Photo Tips

Shooting nudibranchs seems to be every underwater photographer’s favourite pastime. These colourful creatures make great subjects, but they can be trickier to shoot than you'd think. 

Nudibranchs are sea slugs without a shell, leaving their gills exposed. The name literally means “naked gill”. More than 3.000 species are found worldwide in almost any marine habitat from coral reefs to the Arctic, where they feed o...

Whip Coral Goby Photo Tips

 The "whip coral" goby or "wire coral" goby (Bryaninops yongei) is a tiny fish around 1-1.5cm that lives on the whip coral which is found in most of our oceans.

These tiny fish are often on most macro photographers subject shooting list. If I'm having an uneventful dive I always go look for a goby to shoot.

Goby's can be quiet skittish, but on the positive they rarely leav...


Compact Cameras: Introduction and Outlook:

Yes!!! You got it. Finally you're a diver now. A diver, overwhelmed by the beautiful underwater world. You want to hug the reef and never get off again. But air is limited as the holidays are. You feel the urgent need to take the memories home. You have the urgent need to share them with your friends. You have the urgent need to take pictures underwater.

Your first camera? A compact cam...

Journey of the Lanternfish Hunt in Cold Water

When I first started to look for the Glacier Lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale), I had an analog camera, so it has to bee at least 8 years ago. I did some investigation and talked with some scientists, and they told me it would come close to the surface during night to feed on Northern Krill and other small animals. But, they said, it has to be at least 300 meters deep where you dive. Finding a fjord that is more than 300 meters deep in this are...

Frogfish Photo Tips

Frogfish or anglerfish are popular macro subjects for underwater photographers. So, what’s in the name? Technically, they are anglerfish. Most of the world calls them frogfish, but here in Australia we have a different fish we call a frogfish. For convenience, I will refer to anglerfish as frogfish.

Frogfish live in tropical and sub-tropical (temperate) waters. They can live in the water column (like the sargassum frogfish, which ...

Cuttlefish Photo Tips...

Cuttlefish make excellent photographic subjects due to their amazing ability to change their skin colour and texture. Cuttlefish are molluscs (not fish), like squid and octopuses, they range from small (a few centimetres long) to large (approximately 1 metre). Cuttlefish have 8 arms (which can be used for camouflage) and 2 tentacles (used for feeding). They have extremely well developed eyes; their pupil is W-shaped! Recent studies from the Uni...

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