USAT Liberty Wreck in Tulamben, Bali, Indonisia

After many years reading about Tulamben in magazines and books it became known to my horror a few years ago that this wonderful place was actually in Bali Indonesia. I had to get there as it is only a hop, skip and a jump from my home in Fremantle Western Australia. A number of my under water photographer friends have been there, some on numerous occasions and I had to get there too.

The flight to Denpasar Bali...

Frogfish Photo Tips

Frogfish or anglerfish are popular macro subjects for underwater photographers. So, what’s in the name? Technically, they are anglerfish. Most of the world calls them frogfish, but here in Australia we have a different fish we call a frogfish. For convenience, I will refer to anglerfish as frogfish.

Frogfish live in tropical and sub-tropical (temperate) waters. They can live in the water column (like the sargassum frogfish, which ...

Critters in Moalboal, Philippines

 Everybody knows the sardines from Pescador Island. Little known are the fantastic critters of the region around Moalboal.

A very convenient flight with the top service of Singapore Airlines brought us from Switzerland via Singapore direct to Cebu, avoiding the hassle of Manila's Airport. Only a short car ride and we arrived at Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort, a small, very friendly resort which is in a distinctive class of its...

Cuttlefish Photo Tips...

Cuttlefish make excellent photographic subjects due to their amazing ability to change their skin colour and texture. Cuttlefish are molluscs (not fish), like squid and octopuses, they range from small (a few centimetres long) to large (approximately 1 metre). Cuttlefish have 8 arms (which can be used for camouflage) and 2 tentacles (used for feeding). They have extremely well developed eyes; their pupil is W-shaped! Recent studies from the Uni...

Macro Destination In to the Norwegian fjords

The best thing you can say about fjord diving, is that you can manage without a boat, and that there is always a place to dive no matter how hard the wind blows. During the “dark season” (from October to April) we mostly do night dives. We drive inside one of all the fjords surrounding the area I live in, and just jump off a cliff or the beach. In The famous Lysefjord, we can dive from the beach and do wall diving where it is severa...

Macro Diving Trip at Blairgowrie Pier

 Blairgowrie Pier is the shore diving jewel in the crown along the Mornington Peninsula (Victoria, Australia). The pier is a site for all sorts of little critters; such as blue ringed octopuses, seahorses, sea moths, dragonets, tasselled anglerfish and nudibranchs galore! What better place for an UWMP group meet?

Ken and I stayed in Blairgowrie and dived the pier on the weekend of 4-5/2/12. Members of UWMP group were kind enough to ...

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