Pygmy Seahorse Photo Tips

Pygmy seahorses are a very popular subject with underwater macro photographers. Pygmy seahorses can be shy and difficult to photograph. Avoid stressing the pygmy seahorse and make sure you do not damage the seahorse’s home when taking a photograph.

Pygmy seahorses are a relatively new discovery and little is known about their behaviour. There are at least 9 known speci...

The Wild, Weird and Wonderful Blue Heron Bridge

The Blue Heron Bridge is the mecca of Muck on this side of the world and an uw macro wild zone.  Located in the Intra Coastal waterway & accessed thru Phil Foster Park, in Riviera Beach, Florida. The  Gulfstream current  invites the unusual creatures found here.  This unique diving area may not have a pretty face, but the treasures that abound seem to be nev...


I would have to say Blennies are probably my most favourite macro subject to shoot. They have such emotional faces and wonderful colors which draws me to shoot them time and time again.

Blennies are small fish, with elongate bodies almost eel like with relatively large eyes and mouths. The blunt heads of blennies often possess elaborate whisker-like structures called cirri, Blennies are mainly found close or on the bottom, hiding in coral ho...

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