Previous Winners - Monthly Competition
Snoot Lighting : December - 2017
By: Brad Pryde‎
By: Сергей Вердеревский‎
By: Jason Isley‎
Mating : November - 2016
By: Gianni Colucci‎
By: Fu Liang‎
By: Dennis Corpuz‎
Fish Portrait : October - 2016
By: Kenji Cheow‎
By: Yury Ivanov‎
By: Ruggero Pastorino‎
Colour Green : September - 2016
By: Katherine Lu‎
By: Violet Ting‎
By: George Low‎
Cuttlefish, Octopus or Squid : August - 2016
By: Jones Wayne‎
By: Dennis Corpuz‎
By: Chandy de Wit
Current Theme

January : Creative Lighting

Be creative with lighting mixing colour of lights any kind of lighting style and technique. NO snoot and NOT Photoshop

Upcoming Theme
Month Theme
2018 February Face-on Portrait
2018 March Abstract / Pattern
2018 April Anemone Fish or Clown Fish
2018 May Crustacean
2018 June Group
Photo of the week
By:  Lilian Koh
Week No 3  :  15 Jan 2018
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