Previous Winners - Monthly Competition
The Colour Yellow : April - 2014
By: Fabio Freitas
By: Patty Woo
By: Enrico Somogyi
Portraiture : March - 2014
By: Lynn Wu
By: Matteo Visconti
By: Roberto Erta
Crab or Squat Lobster : February - 2014
By: Salvatore Ianniello
By: Raoul Caprez
By: Bo Mancao
Frogfish or Anglerfish : January - 2014
By: Ruggero Pastorino
By: Patty Woo
By: Shin Arunrugstichai and Suzan Meldonian
Behavior : December - 2013
By: Adrian Dan
By: Salvatore Ianniello
By: Suzan Meldonian
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