Henry Jager
Equipment for Macro photography
Camera:Olympus E-3 & E-5
Lens:Zuiko 50mm Macro & 1,4x teleconverter
Housing:BS Kinetics Housing & INON MRS Olympus 50 Macro Port
Strobe:2 INON Z240 and 2 Seaflash 150d
Dioptre:INON UCL 165 AD
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Favourite macro diving trip (Holiday)
Favourite macro subjects
About Henry Jager

Henry Jager is a passionate underwater and wildlife photographer with an incredible sense for an unexpected view on the subjects.

Since he started taking underwater pictures in 2007, he travelled some of the most fantastic places in the world like Raja Ampat, Philippines, Maldives, Indonesia, Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Henry is a photo critic in the worlds largest online contest "underwaterphotography.com". He's writing articles and performing presentations as well as exhibitions. He's offering underwater photography courses and workshops.

As a spectator you can feel Henry's passion for underwaterphotography. He describes his work as follows:

“Our earth’s biodiversity is amazing. Especially underwater, you find the most crazy creatures as well as the cutest, most colorful and most impressive ones. My passion is to picture this fantastic underwaterworld and make the beauty of life available to everybody.”

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