Jerome Kim
Equipment for Macro photography
Camera:Canon 5D Mark II
Lens:Canon 100mm Macro
Strobe:2 x Sea&Sea YS 250
Dioptre:Subsee +5 and +10
Personal Website
Favourite macro diving trip (Holiday)
  Anilao, Philippines
Favourite macro subjects
  Shrimps and Frogfishes
About Jerome Kim

Born and raised in Korea, Jerome Kim has been based in the Philippines for the last 12 years. One of the reasons why he moved here was for the diving. He considers Anilao as his favorite dive spot in the whole Coral Triangle because of the great macro opportunities. Coincidentally it was also in Anilao where he got his first taste of diving. In the early 1990’s his parents had business in the country and he became the de facto tour guide for their visitors and business partners. One group asked him to bring them to Anilao and he tried out diving with them.


He became a certified open water diver in Boracay and two years ago became a certified SSI instructor in Anilao. Currently he has logged over 1,300 dives and hits the water at least twice a month. He got into underwater photography around the same time he moved to the Philippines. By then he needed a new challenge when diving so he started off with film cameras. In 2006 he made the jump to go digital.

He likes macro photography and taking photos of small critters. He is also a member of NUDI (Network of Underwater Digital Imagers) and has won a bunch of awards during NUDI nights, SNUPS (Splash-NUDI Underwater Photography Shoot-out) and Mating Mandarin fish at Moalboal, Cebu - Gold prize in Macro Division in 2011 and Pipefish at Bohol island also Gold prize in 2012 from Annual UW photo competition in Korea

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